Who Deleted Me on Facebook, now on Android and iOS

Most of us by now are on a social network and while we all get notified when we gain a new follower on Twitter or a friend on Facebook we never get a notification when we lose one. Why the social networks don’t offer this feature, at least the option of one, I don’t know, but I’d love it.

For Facebook at least it has been hard to track who has un-followed you unlike Twitter but now the ‘Who Deleted Me on Facebook’ app has returned for iOS and Android devices and even a browser extension. It is a very simply process whereby when you connect the app it essentially takes a snapshot of your current friend list and then compares back to that every time you check the app.

This means that it wont alert you to previous un-follows, only from the point of setup which should be fine for most people. It also shows your newest friends, people you have blocked and a ‘last seen’ status for current contacts which is a nice touch.

It is well worth checking out via the links below.

Who Deleted Me on Facebook [iOS | Android]

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