Watch Face Ticker — My watch face of the week

Android Wear watches allow their users to highly customize their watch face with any number of classical looks or modern looks. There are simply loads out there, many paid and many free but with IAP’s to offer more features.

The one I am using right now is called ‘Watch Face — Ticker’, it provides step counting goal, date and day, time of course and even weather.


  • Classic analog Android Wear watch face, with clear marker and clock hands.
  • Step counter indicator, weather indicator, day of month indicator.
  • Your smart watch will vibrate twice to remind you of reaching daily goal.
  • Clear look in ambient mode, extremely battery-saving.
  • The best user-friendly settings interface.
  • You can set daily step goals, change temperature scale and weather check interval.
  • Support both round and square Android Wear smart watches.

Ticker works well and doesn’t appear to be a battery hog either, it’s free and there are no IAP to worry about.

Watch Face — Ticker

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