Unhand Me for iOS will shout at phone thieves

Look, lets get this right out in the open, if you have even stolen a phone or even picked up a friends phone for a snoop when they weren’t about, you are a cock……okay it’s said.

Unhand Me for iOS will shout at a would be thief or snooper and by default say “Unhand me, you beast” and plays an audio scream to hopefully shame someone if others are about.

But what if you are not there and no one else is there, well thankfully you can get alerted via your Apple Watch also, and even turn off your phone remotely.

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The only problem is that right now you need to still be within Bluetooth range of your phone, perhaps at some point WiFi alerts or mobile data alerts will also be possible. UnHand Me is a nice safety feature that might just give you some extra peace of mind and all for only €1.99.

UnHand Me [iOS]

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