Thinga — a child friendly search engine

Keeping children safe online especially while using search engines is a really difficult task for any parent. With so many words that can potentially pull up any amount of x-rated content what can we do, well a new search engine called Thinga might just be the answer.

Thinga is a search engine aimed at kids in primary school and it splits out the web into lots of different sections, from Video, Cool, Animals, Entertainment, Learn and life. Each section is curated by a team of people who ensure only child friendly content is produced.

As I mentioned this is aimed at kids in primary school who’s grasp of phrasing words to trick search engines is not yet developed. For the most part this is a safe search engine and using terminology how a younger child might say it results in nothing, see below:


However it is not perfect, and I was able to trick the search engine into displaying results for some phrases and from there see images of said phrase.

Thinga is available on the web for PC and laptops and some mobile apps are also in the works, I would definitely recommend it over Google for smaller kids.


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