Swincar Electric-powered Spider Car to enter production this month

A French company called Mecanroc will begin production this month on a four-wheel electric vehicle, which contains long arms that operate independently. The vehicle is known as the Swincar E-Spider (AKA the spider car) and is built to take on rugged off-road terrain and environments with steep inclines.

This unique car was designed by French architect Pascal Rambaud, who put his mountaineering knowledge as an outdoorsman to good use describing it as a “mechanical spider on wheels.”

The Swincar’s wheels operate with independent suspension and function with their own electric motor. The driver’s cab remains upright, while the wheels can tilt autonomously. The Swincar is ideal for climbing hills, rocky environments and ditches, all while giving the driver the most comfortable experience possible. It weighs 330 pounds, can travel at a maximum speed of 24 mph and comes with their 2 kWh, 4 kWh or 6 kWh battery capacities.

No release date or pricing information has been provide just yet.

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