Star Talk Radio’s Neil deGrasse Tyson talks to Edward Snowden

In a fascinating online radio chat, Star Talk radio’s Neil deGrasse Tyson talks to reknowned US whistleblower, Edward Snowden about science, education, Sir Isaac Newton and even how we derive knowledge. These two science industry heavy weights explore topics such as the Periodic tablet, chemistry, data compression, data encryption and online privacy. The latter topics are perhaps the more pressing issues given that Snowden must continue to live in an undisclosed location in Moscow.


Snowden also discusses the operations of the CIA and the NSA, where he worked from the age of 16. He explains why metadata provides the government with more data about citizens than people might expect. The first part of the interview can be watched on Star Talk radio’s website. It’s well worth a listen and provides wonderful and intellectually stimulating discussion on modern surveillance, science, education and technology. As if the discussion wasn’t geek and tech heavy enough, the conversation itself, which was pulled from a video chat between Tyson and Snowden, was conducted by a robotic telepresence avatar.

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