Sega remakes the Mega Drive and also in handheld format

I was a Mega Drive kid, I didn’t like to follow the crowd and snubbed the NES and SNES back in the 80’s and early 90’s. I am very happy to report that Sega have commissioned two new consoles, a remake of the classic Mega Drive and also a Mega Drive handheld.

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Both versions come with 80 classic original games pre-loaded and the console version can even let you use your own cartridges. The handled doesn’t let you use carts but like the console version has a micro SD expansion port to let you download games.

The console version comes with USB charger and even two wireless gamepads, yes i’m saying gamepads, not controllers as that’s what we called them in my day ! For the full 80 games just check out the list below

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted CastleJewel MasterCross the roadBomberAlien StormKid ChameleonJack’s PeaCheckerAltered BeastPhantasy Star 2Jewel MagicHexagonosArrow FlashPhantasy Star 3Curling 2010Whack-A-WolfBonanza Bros.RistarPlumbing ContestMirror MirrorChakan: The Forever ManShadow Dancer: The Secret of ShinobiWall-BreakingPanic LiftColumnsShinobi III: Return of the Ninja MasterBubble MasterBlack SheepColumns IIISonic & KnucklesBreak a FirelineFlash MemoryComixZoneSonic SpinballMahjong SolitaireBrain SwitchCrack DownSonic the HedgehogWarehouse KeeperMega Brain SwitchDecapAttackSonic the Hedgehog IIChessHidden AgendaDr. Robotnik’sMean Bean MachineSonic 3D BlastMemoryDominant AmberESWAT: City Under SiegeSword of VarmilionSnakeHide and SeekEternal ChampionsThe OozeAir HockeyJura FormulaFatal LabyrinthVectormanSpiderLost World SudokuFlickyVectormanIINaval PowerMeatloaf RotationGain GroundMortal KombatIMr. BallsMya Master MindGolden AxeMortal KombatIICannonSkeleton ScaleGolden Axe IIMortal KombatIIIFight or LoseT-Rex Memory MatchGolden Axe IIIAdventure in the ParkBottle Taps RaceYawning Triceratops
Both versions of the consoles can be bought from FunStockRetro here for €59.78 but they wont last long so get your credit card quick.

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