Review: iPhone Gun Grip Case and our poll results

The other day we put out a poll to see if you thought these new iPhone Gun Grip cases were a good idea and whether you would buy them or not. Now I’ll get to the results in a few moments but first lets review the controversial case which was kindly provided by GSM Solutions.


The design of the case is quite obviously a gun, made from hard plastic it at least feels durable and sturdy. From one side it looks very gun like albeit with a section at the top that looks like an iPhone cover. From the other side it is very much less realistic as on that side it’s where your iPhone slots in. You can download an app or even an image of a gun barrel to appear on your phone scree to complete the gun if desired.

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Inserting your iPhone 5/S is easy enough but removing it again is a little bit trickier as it is held tightly in place. The case even has a trigger that when pulled will emit a clicking noise much like any child’s toy gun would.

Above you can see a real 9mm hand gun versus the iPhone Gun Grip case, they are similar but up close you will not mistake the phone case for a real gun. This being said, when the case is in your pocket or if you are stupid enough to tuck it into your belt you will indeed look like you are carrying a firearm. Likewise in dark conditions such as at night or in an argument, flashing the gun about may be enough to convince people it is real.

What People Thought

When I showed the case to people, their first reaction was why and concern as to the fact people would think they had a gun. They could not really understand what the gun aspect brought in terms of comfort and protection for their iPhone. Our poll took responses from 100 people, the outcome was as expected and very much against the case with 80% saying they would not buy it.

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What the Gardaí told us

I spoke to local An Garda Síochána and despite the fact the case is shaped like a gun, looks like a gun and is even in black they are not illegal in any way. However, they said that if people used them in a threatening way, pretending they are a real gun then a person would be breaking the law.

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They also said that if they saw someone walking down the street with it up to their head, in their hand or saw it in their pocket they would question the person on it. In Ireland this means that they would talk to you, but for our readers in other countries such as the US, France or even England, being seen with this could mean you get shot, or have an entire armed unit swooping down on you.

What’s it like to use

Using the iPhone Gun Grip case is straight forward, hold the gun handle and put it to your ear, I did find my wrist was a little bit more extended than I would like meaning long calls could be uncomfortable. The case allows for access to use your camera but again this is a little bit awkward.

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The iPhone Gun Grip case is what it is, it’s a phone case shaped like a gun, it works, it will provide a modest amount of protection for your iPhone but it will also potentially bring you unwanted attention. The choice as to buy one will ultimately be yours but just know what you are getting into first and if you buy one, use your common sense.

Remember if you act the fool, you might have the Irish ERU boys below paying you a visit

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