Playground GPS Ireland goes free


I covered Playground GPS Ireland over here a few weeks ago and now the developer has released a new free version of the app. So now that there are two versions of the app, what is the difference:

Playground GPS — Free V’s Paid

There are two versions of the Playground GPS mobile app — Free and Paid. The free one on it’s own is a great resource and the paid one comes with even more information and more features.

Playground GPS Ireland

What do the free app and the paid app have in common?

With both versions you get the same database of outdoor playgrounds — currently more than 650 exact GPS locations. We left out many that we felt were too small.

You can search for playgrounds in two ways — by your current location or by choosing a location anywhere in the Republic. The app displays the 10 closest playgrounds and can give you directions to get there.

Also, you can build a list of your favourite playground for future reference.

What extra features do I get with the paid app?

In addition, the paid app also includes nearly 150 indoor play centres with all the details you need to contact them — website, facebook, one-touch telephone call and directions. In contrast, the free version has 10.

You also get the ‘Search a Route’ feature which is very handy for choosing a stop-off point on a long journey. You input your departure point and destination and the app will show you the playgrounds and indoor play centres along the way.

Android or iPhone?

The app is currently only available for Android phones and tablets. An iPhone version is in development.

Playground GPS [Android]

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