Philae dies, but Rosetta continues to search

Unless you have been on an comet you most likely have heard about the somewhat successful landing of Rosetta’s Philae lander on comet 67P. Unfortunately Philae did not land as planned and the anchor mechanism while firing failed to secure the craft to 67P. This resulted in Philae bouncing numerous times before finally landing off target and seemingly in a crater or next to a cliff face.

Today after attempts to right the lander, Philae performed it’s final tasks of drilling and analysing soil samples. The little craft that could has finally gone into hibernation where it will remain for some time. As 67P gets closer to the Sun Philae may come alive again thanks to solar energy from the Sun. Until then Rosetta, lonely for its partner continues to search for Philae’s final resting place.

The mission is heralded as a huge success for ESA despite the failed landing. Are we any closer to finding out how ‘we’ came to be, no, for now we will continue to spin on our amazing and for now unique planet.

Humanity is another step closer to taking that faithful leap toward Interstellar travel and with engine technology taking huge leaps and bounds it is only a matter of time.

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