Periscope adds sign up by phone number

Periscope Decouples

When Twitter bought Periscope it made perfect sense that both services would go hand in hand, and therefore you could only use Periscope by signing up with your Twitter account. The problem for many is that despite Twitter’s success, just not that many people use it compared to say using Facebook only, which still has far more active users.

Yesterday Periscope announced that you will now be able to join the live streaming service by just using your phone number. You can then at a later stage should you wish to, add your Twitter account. This means that millions more non Twitter users can now use the live streaming service should they wish to.

Until now, you needed a Twitter account to signup. For existing Twitter users, we recommend signing up via Twitter (we’ll help suggest people to follow based on your Twitter social graph), but we’ve also added an option to signup using your phone number.

This is a much needed manoeuvre by Periscope as it’s rival Meerkat recently announced a new API to help developers use its platform and ultimately help it grow.

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