Microsoft’s new Android alarm is stupid

Microsoft have been playing around with A.I of late, from guessing your age to guessing your emotion and now they have created a smart alarm to ensure you always wake up.

Mimicker Alarm will make you play what are described as ‘fun’ games to ensure you don’t fall back asleep, such as making a face on camera, or holding up a certain colour. The A.I then determines if you are making the required face or holding the right colour. However there is one major flaw, at least with using the camera games, at 6am your bedroom is probably pitch dark. Your phone camera will have no chance of accurately deciding what you are doing, turning on the front flash if you have one will help but then you are blinded for the next two hours.

Mimicker Alarm

In the promo video above, we can see a girl making a shocked face to ensure the alarm doesn’t turn back on which it will do after 30 seconds. The problem is, she’s fully dressed already and in a well lit room, what exactly is the point if you are already up.

Anyway, should you want to try it out check it out at the link below, currently the app is not compatible with ‘any’ of my devices, so chances are its not available in Ireland just yet, give it a few hours or download the APK here.

[appbox googleplay]

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