LAPD get new Tesla’s and Hybrids, could An Garda Síochána ?

In a great environmental move the city of Los Angeles will be introducing 160 new BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) and 128 new PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles). Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a commitment to lease the vehicles on September 11th and the deal includes a brand new Tesla P85D and a BMW i3.


The new environmentally friendly machines will be split between the Los Angeles Police, Fire, General Services, and Water and Power department. The benefits to the city include:

  • Cut operating costs of the vehicles by an estimated 41% ($0.21 per mile for EVs vs. $0.37 per mile for conventional vehicles)
  • Free up City budget dollars currently allocated to finance the purchase vehicles, so City departments can invest in key infrastructure upgrades;
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent to planting over 20,000 trees, while lowering harmful smog forming pollutants like NOx and hydrocarbons

This got me thinking though, could our police service the An Garda Síochána make a similar move. Of course our cities are a very different landscape to LA, we don’t yet have the charging infrastructure in place but it is coming, in my town of Wicklow there are 6 stations alone.

Our bus services are introducing EV and Hybrid vehicles so it will make sense for the Gardai to do so also, if for not thing else other than to evaluate a few machines in real life.

What do you think, could it work ?

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