Klooff — Instagram For Your Pets

People love their pets, and people love taking pictures of their pets, so why not have an Instagram like service solely for pets, well now there is one, it’s called Klooff. Klooff works in the exact same fashion as Instagram except it’s for pets, all dog, cats, Bengal Tigers, all the time.

Klooff also has a web interface so you don’t even need to download the app, you can upload via the web, it is a very nice service and works exceptionally well, just don’t get posting a pic of yourself, you might get banned.

Download Klooff for iPhone here and Android here

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“There’s three times more pets than kids in the US,” Kloof founder says. “Pets have become very relevant in our daily lives, but there’s no place for them online — and people are taking ridiculous amounts of photos of them! We created Klooff to give pet parents a place to share all the awesome moments they live with their pets.”
Klooff allows people to capture their pets’ best moments through photo and video.

Whether it’s a singing pug or a cat playing piano, people can submit, caption, and share through the eyes of their pet. A community-curated voting system surfaces up the best moments to the Daily Top 10 List.

Discover the hilarity, cuteness, and quirky behavior of pets and spread the happy.
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