Islamic State now have an app to discuss virgins and killing

Yes those scumbag terrorists have finally managed to build their own encrypted app to no doubt allow them to discuss how many virgins they will get in the after life. According to GhostSec the group have been finding it hard to discuss such things a virgins, the killing of innocents and other stupid things that your typical IS member thinks of.

Anonymous have been taking down IS accounts on Twitter and elsewhere on the web so this new app called ‘Alwari’ will no doubt have them thinking that they are secure. However despite the app not being on Google Play for obvious reasons it will no doubt find its way in the hands of a hacker within Anonymous or the US government who will then hopefully be able to learn more about the groups movements.

While I haven’t seen the app, I suspect it may feature the below:

  • Kill count leaderboard
  • Virgin count leaderboard
  • Historical monuments destroyed
  • Top 10 destinations…….to destroy
  • Swipe to like other members

Reports are coming in from some Windows Phone ISIS members complaining that the app is not available on their devices…….

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