Is Wifi Sense in Windows 10 an accident waiting to happen

Wifi is a great thing, probably right up there with toast for me but I don’t share my toast with strangers, only people who actually come into my house, same goes for my Wifi passwords. Windows 10 when released will have Microsoft’s Wifi Sense built in much like the Windows Phone version, it allows your private wifi passwords to be shared with your contacts. This means when Tom, Dick or Harry call over their phones or laptops will connect automatically to your Wifi.

The problem I have with this is that all my good friends who regularly call to my house have my password, as I tell them it. I do not however tell my password to the hundreds of Outlook contacts I have, many who got added to my phone book by mistake. The potential problem with this time saving feature is that your passwords are stored on your laptop, should it fall into the wrong hands, someone could hack it.

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For the vast majority of people this is not going to be an issue, but Wifi Sense is enabled by default. Imagine the scenario of government personal taking their work laptop at home with them, all those internal Wifi passwords are stored on the device somewhere. We all know from the media that many important people have had their laptops stolen, phones too. Imagine what a hacker could do with access into the Ministry of Defence servers in the UK, by the time anyone knew, it would be too late.

So just keep this in mind when you upgrade to Windows 10 or buy that new Laptop. To disable Wi-Fi sense, go into Wi-Fi ==> Network settings ==> Manage Wi-Fi settings, and uncheck all the boxes.

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