Irish company Vistatec announce 50 new jobs at MWC 2016

Vistatech is an Irish company that specializes in localization, marketing, consultancy and engineering across many different sectors from the sciences to the automotive industry. Mobile World Congress 2016 is just finishing up today and one nice surprise was Vistatech announcing 50 new localisation jobs with most to be based in its Dublin HQ.

Vistatech was founded in 1997 and Head of HR Siobhan Gantly said:

The most compelling global brands rely on content every day to create captivating experiences for their customers… At Vistatec, our teams take content, in any form, and align the intended impact with the most effective localisation methodology, so that the end user experience and outcome is consistent regardless of language or locale. This is something that requires exceptional people who understand what it takes to be successful on a global scale.

Another jobs win for Ireland and great to see an Irish company competing on a global level.

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