Imagine if Geo-blocking happened in real life

You know how sometimes you try to watch a video on YouTube and you see the message that something is not available in your area, or you try to buy something online and it suddenly becomes a different price when you enter your country ? Well imagine that happened in real life, when you went into a shop.

The idea of a single EU market is that we should be able to buy a product from any EU country and not have to pay a different price, or sometimes we can’t even purchase the product at all. The BEUC (The European Consumer Organisation) has launched a video campaign to show what this would be like in real life, you would not accept this treatment in a real shop so why should it happen online.

According to the BEUC upto 68% of EU digital content providers are blocking their content based on location, a staggering percentage. The BEUC will be undertaking two proposals in May:

The first proposal will address geo-blocking in e-commerce i.e. when consumers are rerouted to another website after checking prices on a foreign website or when the trader unjustifiably refuses to deliver a product to the consumer’s country. The second draft law will look at how to help consumers access online audio-visual content, like films or sporting events, when they are in a country different to the website’s.

If these proposals are passed and they should be it will be a major win for the ‘single market’ EU.


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