IFA GPC 2015 — TP Vision Philips TV’s

TP Vision is the company behind the sale, marketing and manufacturing of Philips televisions which Philips sold a large stake to in 2012. Philips TV’s are in many consumer homes and TP Vision and Philips pride themselves on Craftsmanship, Picture Quality, Sound and UX.

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80% of all Philips TV’s in 2015 are powered by Android Lollipop and 90% of those are connected to the internet. Android TV’s allow for an integrated TV experience bringing broadcast and VoD streaming to the home.

IFA 2015

TP Vision have also stated that their Android Lollipop TV’s are now so powerful that they can run games directly on the TV set. They have a partnership with EA Games and Gameloft to bring gaming direct to the living room via Philips TV’s.

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In the first half alone of 2015 Philips have released 38 new TV sets all running Android and of those 38 17 are UHD TV’s. As you can see below the picture quality is quite remarkable and with the Ambilight glowing behind the TV you get a more immersive viewing experience.

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