Hate iPhone’s slow animations, kill them with this trick

Apple’s iPhone is a fantastic device with some amazing features but being an essentially closed system trying to turn something off or on that Apple doesn’t want you to is virtually impossible unless you jailbreak your phone.

One of the most hated features of the iPhone is the transitions and animations whenever an app opens, they slow things down. There is currently no option to allow you to turn these off but this nifty trick discovered by 9to5Mac does the job nicely. Once done right all the slow transitions will be gone and your iPhone will feel really quick.

To do this head to Settings, then General > Accessibility. Under the Interaction heading click on Assistive Touch. Next drag the transparent icon that pops up to the bottom right hand corner. Then, go to the home screen, quickly swipe down and summon Spotlight. As soon as the chat icon reorientates above the keyboard, close Spotlight. Do this again and again until you see that Spotlight is much faster. Eventually animations and transitions are gone completely.

Pretty strange bug and one that should just be an option, hey Apple….pay attention. However this bug will reset itself if you power off and on your iPhone so you will just need to do it again.

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