Google — ‘UK asks what is the EU’ after results announced

Yes, it’s one day on from what was an historic day for the UK and the EU with the UK voting to leave the EU. However the problem it that it appears many of the ‘Leave’ voters actually didn’t even really know what the EU was and how it benefited them.

Google released some interesting trends yesterday and it turns out that the number two most searched topic after the results were announced was ‘What is the EU ?’

I am not surprised as many people are often mislead by politicians especially those not happy with the ruling government and often get carried away. I was even asked by an English man I know which way I was voting, I had to politely remind him that the UK doesn’t rule Ireland anymore.

So the UK now must deal with the fact they are leaving, hard times are ahead for the public but next time you have a vote for something, perhaps search the topic before hand.

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