Facebook to bring endless live streaming video

Facebook will be bringing endless live streaming to users via an update to the live stream API which currently is capped at 90 minutes. Once this update is rolled out though users will be able to stream anything they want, forever. So if you want a live feed of your house while at work then you can start a live feed before leaving via a spare phone or laptop.

Unfortunately due to the amount of storage that Facebook would have to fork out for, users will not be able to record the live stream, it’s live, no going back and no playback after you end it. This is understandable though but I wonder will companies like Apple’s Nest suddenly be wetting their pants at the thought of this.

Sadly live streaming is not available in Ireland unless you have a Facebook Page in which case you will be able to, but regular Facebook users probably don’t have a page. The good news though is that as the service matures Ireland should be enabled soon.


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