Colissa — A Periscope alternative for Android only


Colissa is a new indie app that was developed in just one week to allow Android users get a taste of live video streaming to Twitter ala Periscope or MeerKat. The app is still under developer and is a still a little rough around the edges but shows some good promise and style.

All you need is to let Colissa log in your Facebook or Twitter account. Then you can easily start your own live stream through your Android device. Sorry IOS users :( It’s just for Androiders! Note: The app was developed by indie developers in just one week. It’s still being developed and it’s normal to encounter some problems :) We would be glad if you could rate the app and comment about how to improve it better. Please support us. We will always try to do our best for you! Periscoper and meerkat alternative for android, you can make live video stream like periscope or meerkat app

Colissa is available right now on the Play Store so check it out and get streaming

Colissa [Android]

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