Breaking: NASA confirms liquid water on Mars

NASA has confirmed that liquid salt water does flow on Mars after spectral data from the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) proved that dark streaks in the landscape is caused by flowing water. These streaks appear and disappear depending on the season and we now know why, its liquid flowing that causes them.

For a long time now NASA scientists have said that Mars at one point had flowing water and as it now turns out, it still does. This has been one of the mysteries of Mars and sadly for many is not the exciting news that we all wanted to hear today.


However liquid water flowing on Mars further proves that this key ingredient in the development of life is possible outside of our amazing Earth. So, somewhere out there in the great darkness must exist other planets with water and hopefully life. Now NASA, here is what we all want you to do, get the rover over to these areas and send back video of water flowing, not that we don’t believe you but because we really want to see it.

The confirmation has come from Nature Geoscience but the actual live announcement will be in roughly 5 minutes over here.

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