BMW to Google: Alphabet Is More Than A Name To Us

As you no doubt know by now, Google has undergone a restructure and is now part of a new company called Alphabet. But the issue with Google’s move is that they knew they could not get ownership of either the URL or Twitter account. The URL is in fact owned by BMW and the Twitter account by a regular person. So Alphabet have chosen a URL of which I personally think is kind of cool.

No doubt Alphabet tried to secure the URL of but BMW who use it as a fleet management service have spoken out saying that the name ‘Alphabet’ is more than just a name to them. The fleet management company have had a little bit of fun in the office over the last couple of days and now the website is displaying this message loud and clear to Google.


They have created their own Alphabet list of what it means to them, not really funny but they are stating clearly that the name is theirs and not for sale.

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