BangFit — Because you’re never too busy to f***

Pornhub are the biggest web providers of pornography with literally hundreds of millions of dollars in the bank but they have noticed that some of you out there are so addicted to their content that you are getting a bit chubby. Furthermore with our hectic lifestyles many people don’t get time to go to the gym or go for that run, but one thing people always have time for it getting down and busy.

They have just launched BangFit which gamifies your sex sessions to try and get you fit but in a more fun way. The idea is that using a sync code between your browser and your smartphone you will perform various moves, squats and thrusts for example, the longer you go and the more accurate you are to the motion the more points you get. And yes you can even post your scores to the web so all your friends can see how well you are doing.

Now before you get all worried no you will not be looking at anything pornographic, merely some cartoons and trying to follow the motion, it’s gamification for your pleasure. There will also be in time a waist band that you can purchase to put your phone into but for now just get a belt and strap it on….. ;-)

We’ll have a full review in due course……….like fu*k we will, you will just have to try it out for yourselves, do let us know though what you think.

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