Babypod is an internal speaker for your fetus

It’s now 2016 and many people will have ended the year with a bang, and I’m not referring to the fireworks in the sky. So this means that some may be having a baby later this year and as such you might be interested to know that the Babypod is a new kind of internal wearable for your vagina.

The Babypod will emit low decibel music that is said to aid in the development of a fetus. The device is safe to use from 16 weeks and it’s recommended to be used for up to 20 minutes.

The app that goes with the Babypod will have a range of free music and can even let you record your own messages to play to the baby. Available on Android now with an iOS and Windows version planned for the future.

There is no way right now to sync up the Babypod with your Spotify for example but no doubt there will be some form of music streaming integration in the future.

The Babypod can be bought for €149.95 here and you can read more about it here.

[appbox googleplay com.mib.babypod]

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