Apple Watch Edition return policy is ridiculous, possibly illegal

The Apple Watch is a nice piece of kit, there is no denying that and for those lucky enough to be super rich and can afford the ‘Edition’ version which starts at £8,000 you will be treated like a celebrity by Apple. You will have no wait time, i.e no lines, 24/7 support, private appointments, virtual setup and more.

However, should you have a problem with your super expensive watch, Apple might just be treating you like a no good crook initially. The return process for the Apple Watch Edition is as follows:

  1. Returns only within 14 days
  2. Apple employee will inspect the watch for cracks, scratches and to ensure its not engraved.
  3. Next a Genius Bar staff member will inspect it with special tools, including microscopes and a gold weight scale, to ensure that no gold has been removed from the Watch to be sold on secondary markets.
  4. Final approval by store manager and Genius Bar staff member
  5. Retuned watch to be placed into a tamper evident bag.

Some of the above is fine, however if you are returning the watch as its cracked within a couple of days you are going to have a fight on your hands. Secondly, they are going to weight it to ensure you didn’t steal their gold, come on Apple, there are easier ways. Finally if either the store manager or Genius Bar member are not in that day, you are not getting served. Now I don’t know about America but if I have a defective product here in Ireland and the store wont return it as a member of staff is not in then there will be hell to pay, they have to, its the law.

What Apple is doing here is effectively treating the customer like a criminal and due to these requirements many people may not get their broken or defective Apple Watch Edition changed or refunded. This is the next great scandal waiting to happen, watch this space.

Your thoughts, we’d love to have them.


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