Access Google weather quicker with new shortcut

There are loads of weather apps available for Android and along with those come widgets for your homescreen. Google has been making great progress with trying to keep users in their Google Now app and they have just made accessing Google weather information even easier.


You can now have a dedicated shortcut which will just look like an icon for an app and will be called simply ‘Weather’. It will live on your homescreen and to get it just open Google Now. Search for weather in your area, once you open the weather app seen above and then back out you should see a new prompt in the search bar asking to add the shortcut.

Google Weather Shortcut496×882

The weather app is very nice and for me completely replaces any standalone app which generally sucks juice from your battery anyway. However I wish Google would create a dedicate weather widget as all there is now is the fairly crappy Google Now widget which opens the card for weather but not the weather app seen above.

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