A new potential Facebook patent is really creepy

Facebook are reportedly seeking to patent a feature that would allow them to identify users based on their phones camera type. Big deal you might say as services like Flickr can track what camera you use also, and loads of people have the same phones. This is true, however this new feature will allow Facebook actually pull information about the camera itself, the lens and any artefacts that might be present in the image.

Facebook says:

A camera signature comprises features extracted from images that characterize the camera used for capturing the image, for example, faulty pixel positions in the camera and metadata available in files storing the images. Associations between users and cameras are inferred based on actions relating users with the cameras, for example, users uploading images, users being tagged in images captured with a camera, and the like.
Associations between users of the social networking system related via cameras are inferred. These associations are used beneficially for the social networking system, for example, for recommending potential connections to a user, recommending events and groups to users, identifying multiple user accounts created by the same user, detecting fraudulent accounts, and determining affinity between users.

For example, many people will have an iPhone 6, and many will scratch their lens, but almost none of them will have the same scratches, the same speck of dust in the same position as each other. That’s the creepy bit, your images will be almost with 100% certainty traced back to you. Take for example someone got hold of one your images, and posted them as their own, using this new method the images could be confirmed as owned by you in a dispute. That’s the good aspect, but would users really want this level of identity knowledge from the social media giant ?

What do you think of this potential new feature, let us know in the comments.

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