OnePlus EU Customs Blunder

Only yesterday on Twitter we announced that we had our very own OnePlus One 64GB unit arriving soon at ITB, however late yesterday evening news began filtering out from customers stating that the EU deliverers have been put on hold. Why might you ask, well it seems that in OnePlus’s quest to make a beautiful device they actually changed the font of the CE Logo to bring it in line with their own branding.

As anyone who works with international standards knows, its called a standard for a reason. Due to this it seems batches of devices bound for the EU have been held by customs and in some cases returned to OnePlus already for correcting. I reached out to OnePlus this morning and the representative stated it would take about 2 further weeks to redesign the back cover.

But don’t worry, all is not lost, you will just have to wait a little bit longer.


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  • Daniel Desmond

    Pity really, I’ve been waiting for the phone for awhile now (still waiting for invite to actually buy one) phone is on its last legs I fear I will have to go elsewhere, however elsewhere is the problem for the price of hardware it’s hard to find a alterative.

    • It is a shame really that they are having such bad luck. Our device is due in a couple of weeks but having been on trips with Android Central I can tell you it’s amazing phone.

      If we get invites with our phone we will run a comp here

      • Daniel Desmond

        Was hoping to get one as early supporters but was unfortunate not. Suppose there has to be understanding they don’t have the finance nor staff like Samsung and the likes!

        • Exactly they don’t have a large enough team for big releases

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  • Russ


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  • valiz

    A great choice (great phone),I bought from a promised OnePlus, should continue to produce such competitive devices.

    OnePlus.EU is a professional reseller and an honest company despite of what is written on the Web for them. You should buy goods from them. I recommend them.