Z Launcher

Nokia Releases Z Launcher For Android

Nokia Z Launcher

Yes you did read that headline right, Nokia have just released a new launcher app for Android called Z Launcher. Z Launchers will learn what apps you use most often and when you use them most frequent and will suggest these to you on screen.

The app while currently in beta looks fantastic and appears to work well, although there are a limited number of devices that it works with right now. I have tried on the HTC One Max and trying to install does not work, the download link returns a pile of XML, so this may be the same for the M7 too. According to this link the below are supported

  • Samsung’s Galaxy 3, 4 or 5
  • Nexus 5 running Android OS 4.1 or higher.

However this is just a guide so you may find it works on lots of other phones too, head here for info on the download process.


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