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If you are in the market for a low phone but with high cost performance then this is the phone for you, a great buy


A fantastic budget device with very good non budget specs
Motorola Moto G Review Review by on . A fantastic budget device with very good non budget specs About The Moto G is the latest low cost device from Motorola which launched late in 2013 but don’t think that because you are paying... Rating: 4.5


The Moto G is the latest low cost device from Motorola which launched late in 2013 but don’t think that because you are paying only €149 on Pay As You Go from Meteor Ireland that you are getting low end. The Moto G is one of the best looking phones out right now with frankly amazing build quality for this price.

Motorola have not released a smartphone for quite some time in the Ireland so hope are high for this device to do and I am happy to confirm that it will do very well.


WP_20140115_14_34_35_ProThe Moto G is a very Nexus looking style with a unibody design and beautiful curves around the edges top and bottom of the device. Looking at the phone from the side you might be forgiven for thinking it has a curved screen but it actually doesn’t, the back is curved which tricks the eye into thinking this.

The Moto G comes with changeable back covers, with many different colours to be had, 19 in fact just from Motorola themselves and probably more from 3rd parties coming. The back of the Moto G features a little indent just below the flash which is designed to fit your index finger, this makes holding the device really comfortable and a great feature to have.

WP_20140115_14_34_51_ProIn terms of ports and buttons the front of the Moto G have the ear piece obviously at the top, to the left of that is the front facing camera and to the bottom just off the bezel is the microphone. On the right hand side is the power/lock button and below that the volume rocker.

One potential flaw is that at the point where the glass screen meets the frame there is a small gap that is just big enough for dust to get in and possibly make a mess, this is more noticeable at the top of the phone.


WP_20140115_14_35_32_ProThe Moto G features a 720P display which is pretty unheard of in a phone of this price, and yes the screen certainly looks brilliant. It’s a 4.5″ display with a ppi of 329 which is more than an iPhone 5S which clocks in at 326ppi. This is very impressive and the result is a screen that can display text and graphics that is are very clear, very pin sharp.

Colour and contrast are also excellent as are the viewing angles on the Moto G, I really cant recall the last time I have seen such a beautiful display on a phone of this price, you know why, because I haven’t. Better still is that the Moto G comes with Gorilla Glass 3 as standard which offer mazing levels of protection for your phone should you drop it.

Performance and Software

The Moto G will come with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean installed, at least our one did but true to Motorola’s word KitKat rolled out this morning and is now installed on our Moto G, bumping it up to 4.4.

It’s running stock Android just the way Google intended and just the way it should be, no fuss, no skins just beautifully smooth for the most part Android.  Ordinarily I’m not the greatest Android fan, I much prefer the slick, and super quick Windows Phone 8 operating system but Motorola has done a brilliant job here and again did I say its only €149 !!

The Moto G runs a Quad-Core Snapdragon 400 process wit 1GB of RAM and this really is sufficient on this kind of device and with stock Android and coupled with KitKat you will have no concerns. The OS itself performs very well with no real slowdown and games such as Real Racing 3 run perfectly and smoothly too.

Beanchmarking the Moto G on AnTuTu it received an excellent 17570 which places it just behind the Glalaxy S3 from Samsung.


IMG_20140114_125556640The camera onboard is a 5Mp sensor which is just okay, nothing too bad but image quality I found to be a bit washed out and despite a clean lens pictures always seemed a little blurred.

The camera interface is not stock, its custom made by Motorola and despite being a little clunky performs very well. There is front facing 1.3MP lens too for video calling but thats about as much as you will use it for.

Video recording can be done at 720P from the 5MP sensor and is of good quality.

Memory and Battery

The Moto G features 16GB of onboard storage which should be sufficient for most people but unfortunately it does not have an expandable memory. However with online cloud storage these days such as Drop Box and Google Drive this hopefully wont be a problem for many.

Battery life on the Moto G is excellent with the device easily lasting an entire day and that is with moderate use. The onboard battery is 2,070mAh unit which is brilliant in this price phone and really does last the pace. However again as is common these days the batter is not user removable despite you being able to get at it under the back cover.


The Moto G is just about the best value you can get for your money right now in terms of sub €150, you are getting the excellent stock Android experience in a device that is well built and capable of punching with the big boys.

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