BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry Has Lost Its Mind With The New BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry are still rattling around believe it or not but despite some recent improvement in sales they are still very much a floundering company right now. What could they possibly do to turn things around, well, they could create amazing new hardware with never before seen specs and features. They could do this, sadly what they have done is create the BlackBerry Passport which will feature a 4.5″ display and a ridiculous full width touch sensitive Qwerty keyboard below it. The screen resolution is reported to be 1440 x 1440 which is impressive but this thing will be wider than a Galaxy Note 3 for example and will almost certainly be difficult to hold.

The original code name for this device was Windermere but the new Passport broke cover during a quarterly earnings speech by John Chen reports MobileSyrup

What do you think of this new form factor by BlackBerry, would it interest you ? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Steve

    This looks like a cool device. For business people who are mobile and read tons of emails and documents, this will be a winner for sure.

    • I’m not so sure it will do well sadly for BlackBerry, I think this sort of form factor will just be too odd for most. Having said this lets hope BB do make a comeback of sorts, competition is always good.

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